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Free Planet - END MY GAME - You Can Do Better!

Posted on the 27 September 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - END MY GAME - you can do better!
I had a very interesting talk with Sanri, in the Oxfork Cafe on Magdalene Road, Oxford, today. We talked about Agenda 21. We talked about chemtrails. We talked about hauntings and spiritual events. We talked and talked and talked. And it dawned on me...
I can't tell you what FREE PLANET is.
Woah, why the aggressive/dismissive attitude with us, your loyal readers, Philbs?
It's neither necessarily aggressive nor dismissive. It's just a FACT. I can shoot my mouth off all I want, on this blog or on alternative radio/podcasts. I can say whatever I want in a supposed Free World. I can say that the more of US there are, the less FLORA and FAUNA there'll be, the less Trees there'll, the less Diversity this planet'll suffer, i.e. this planet will die. And it's not like it'll even matter. The planet gets to the point where it can't support us. We all die. Then the earth gets better (once it rids itself of THE CANCER OF EMPIRE) once it's ready to rejuvenate afresh.
But I can no longer tell you these things.
In fact, I never had any right to tell you these things. It was never 'my responsibility'. It should never be ONE PERSON's right to 'set any standards' or 'formalise any agendas'.  That's how despots are created; this is how Adolf Hitler came about - and all the other tyrants. Free Planet was always there for YOU THE PEOPLE, you the seven billion sovereign individuals, to discover. Just wake up, and smell the coffee. See what you've been missing all these decades, all these centuries; as a race of (supposedly intelligent) Human Beings.
So, I'm asking YOU THE PEOPLE to take this idea of a Free Planet and IGNORE EVERYTHING I'VE SUGGESTED about it. Take FREE PLANET and make it work for you, with all your millions of different cultures and beliefs and needs. The time has come for all of you out there in do-nothing-yet world to put your arms round this delicate homeworld and protect it from subjugation by THE GAME.
What game?
Any game. Any hierarchy. Any social order. Any 'system' that allows for normally-moral folk to act INSANELY IMMORALLY and do things they'd never allow to be done to members of their own families, to their own pets! Even Free Planet is a GAME, my invented game with its own set of arbitrary rules; an idea (possibly poisoned) where I believe one thing and throw it in your face like some bucket of turds.
END MY GAME, and free your planet from ROT and RUINATION - seriously, step up to the plate (get educated on what's really the point of being alive). Go on. Forget me. It's dead easy. Do it now. For your children's children's sake, if nothing else.

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