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Free Planet - Custodianism - the Third Age of Man

Posted on the 12 October 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - Custodianism - the third age of man
you might think we've already HAD the third age of man, the Industrial Revolution, or maybe this post is about some christeo-judaic Age of Aquarius spiritual-awakening bullshit. Well, you'd be wrong on both counts.
back when mankind was a baby (historically) he was a manic animal, forever pumped up on adrenalin, looking for every and any way to not get killed by every living thing that snarled in his general direction. Man was like one of his neighbourhood of wild animals; untamed, spontaneous, alive.
There were less than a few million 'humans' worldwide (made up of the diametrically opposed tribes of the Cro Magnon and the Neanderthal) and we've come to call this age of man THE HUNTER GATHERERS, because they hunted (and hoarded) like their lives depended on it They gathered fruits and berries and herbs to fill their bellies. They were AT WAR with each other and with nature.
approximately nine thousand years ago, in 'Jericho', man learned how to cultivate crops and domesticate some breeds of wild animal. This is known as the beginnings of the FARMING AGE. Communities evolved around the products and owners told (imported or drafted) workers what to do. Now, most historians will tell you that the next Great Age of Man was the Industrial Revolution when time and motion studies, new materials and automated methods of manufacture greatly sped up our evolution, as a race.
The Farming Age never ended, it just went global.
What happened was this; intellectuals noticed that the farming idea worked so well, coercing innocent animals that grazing was good until they were wholesale slaughtered for the benefit of the few, that it was ordained as a way to control Empire. In an Empire, man is disposable, chattle, a slave to industry. Either entertainment for the elite or a foot soldier in some Corporate War Machine.
The Farming Age never ended, but now we are the domesticated cattle who earn the crust for the wealthy landowner. They give us TV and sports and fast food and beer so that we'll SHUT THE FUCK UP and do as we're told. We'll pay our taxes, and like it. We've grown flabby, both physically an dmentally. We've lost our edge. We're cornered in. We're ready for the wholesale slaughter that World Wars periodically bring upon the herd to benefit the PROFIT-hungry banking houses.
The Farming Age now contains seven billion sheople, worldwide, members of the farmed flock. Oh, as I missed to point out earlier on, the HUNTER GATHERERS never really died out; they became the hunter gatherers of humans. They became the slave drivers and the debt collectors, the jailors, the secret agents. Government and industry interviews and employs these aggressive psychopaths every day to manage the flock, as 'Jesus' called it - 'religion' being a brilliant master-stroke in the forced compliance of mankind to the hunter-gatherer dictat of the Farming Age.
forget spiritualism, forget salvation - surely Auschwitz and Dachau and Bergen-Belsen taught you that.
You can pray and pray to any God you want, you can pray until your eyes bleed and strange little sores appear on your inner thigh. And it won't matter. You 'victims of the global religious campaign' out there, you Jews, you Christians, you Buddhists, you Sikhs, you Muslims, you 'Aquarians' fighting the belief war, you 'believers' are a really good reason why this whole planet is so eternally fucked up. You're told to Turn the Other Cheek and other such nonsense. Remember VATICAN CITY is the richest place on earth outside the banking/financial world. You all fell for the con.
So, Philbin, what's the REAL third age of man?
A Return to Nature-ism ... though it's not really. It's about taking our acquired Farming Age skills i.e. technology. It's about allowing all of mankind to experiment with and benefit from the last ten decades of PATENTED research into things like solar energy, the only viable non-polluting energy source, and genetic production methods. It's about no longer leaving a footprint on the natural world, unless it's to improve the air and the land for our children's children.
Custodianism is about immediate purge.
Just like the Inquisition. But instead of it being for some religious purpose of control of the masses, it's about the revitalising and rewilding of a REAL PLANET that Industry (the by-product of the Farming Age under the auspices of the Hunter Gatherer Age) has allowed, due to unethical military-industrial-congressional-complex practises umbrellad by anti-lawful non-disclosure agreements and National Security, to ruin. Well, near ruin. And I'm not talking about a world full of zoos here. We've had enough of them. For both the animals and the humans (prisons or corporate sweat shops).
We need to take back this planet, as our own. We are the Designated Custodians of this world. You, me and everyone in your social network. It's our responsibility to PURGE, literally strip, this world of poisonous thinking, poisonous technology, poisonous political policy. It's time that the new age, the third age, the Age of the Custodian allowed this planet to heal, to rebuild from the ground up, to re-nature-ise our homeworld for the benefit of all our children's children.
And what about the original HUNTER GATHERERS of Industry, shall they be re-assigned the task of helping us tear down the walls of Empire? Or shall we assign them the task of clearing out the wild beasts from our societies, pitting them against each other so that they're a dead breed by the time the Third Age Of Man, Custodianism, has a foothold on Free Planet?

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