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Free Planet Custodianism 2012 - Your Planet Needs You!

Posted on the 02 March 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet Custodianism 2012 - your planet needs you!
Admittedly, I've robbed that poster of any relevance it once had to its original campaign, but its abstracted message alone is what's important. But what does FREE PLANET CUSTODIANISM 2012 as a title mean to you?
A custodian is someone who has THE RESPONSIBILITY to look after the welfare or well-being of a certian treasured thing; in this case his FREE PLANET.
In this case that means YOU THE PEOPLE. All seven billion of you come under this definition. The reason? Well, you may have forgotten this. Or your corporate education may have slightly biased you away from such thinking. But it's not all about PROFIT and COMPETITION and ASSET STRIPPING and COMMERCIAL WAR in the name of the GREAT GLOBAL CHESS GAME ... this is your Free Planet.
"Do right by Free Planet," that's all it needs - that one simple switch of global perspective.
It truly saddens me that more people aren't seeing this. And by 'seeing it' I mean, "Why don't more people realize they SHOULDN'T BE PAYING PRIVATE INDIVIDUALS to eat, sleep, breathe?" That's not what the ftuirful and bountiful Diversity of this planet is for. That's not what ANY 'god' you wanna invent 'to control the masses' or any universal vengeful deity you imagine would have you do. Well, apart from the Corproate God of War. It's very important that You The People pay to live in those Prison Cities and Prison States and Prison Countries. It's in their vested interest that you KEEP PAYING with every ounce of blood, sweat and tears, and shut your worthless mouth.
It's very important that you keep paying and paying for your punishment by Society.
I mean, you're actually prepared (and ready) to kill yourselves to PAY for cunning criminals to tell you how to live in a Commercial Empire that trashes this planet in the name of PROFIT. You literally live in fear. You shamelessly look the other way. You actively support the tyranny with your silence. What's wrong with you? Why are you wasting your ONE AND ONLY LIFE on this Fascist/Democratic/Communist lie. It's all to keep you stupid. Think, for god's sake. THINK. Look around you. Look at the ruined world you're leaving your children's children. Look at the daily toll of stress and anguish of totally broken corporate drones and slave wage earners to simply 'make ends meet'.
Why do you continue to put up with this shit?
Why do you say nothing when you should be on the streets?
Why do you not fully support a FREE PLANET and perform your Costodian right.
TRANSPARENCY OF WORDS, VALUES and ACTIONS - we should demand that from All Corporate Governments - we should all demand our right to live on a Free Planet of Creativity, Passion and Kinship. NOW, and FOREVER.

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