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Free Planet - Call for Global Digital Data Amnesty.

Posted on the 24 January 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - call for global digital data amnesty."Why would global corporations want recorded access to every email, every tweet, every phone call, every blogpost, every GPS route, every text?"
You're expecting an answer to this question, I bet.
Well, I don't have one.
But there are LITERALLY terabytes of cross-referenced information stored ABOUT YOU on some server somewhere, depending on your 'online footprint' or 'activity'.
Why would corporate media want access to all that?
Why would corporate government want access to all that?
Why would corporate war-mongers or intelligence-agencies want access to all that?
I have no idea - but there'll be some 'insidious PROFIT-making scheme' attached, fershur. Or worse, the erosion of your final freedoms in the name of WW3 Gulag Earth.
One of the helpful steps that'll help up we're going to progress towards a Free Planet, as a race of unique individuals with personal and artistic needs beyond what sort of fucking corporate trainer, fast food or brand of car, solar panel, house improvements to invest in, would be a TOTAL GLOBAL AMNESTY ON ANY DATA COLLECTED ABOUT YOU.
We don't need some Mega-Corp snooper nosing around in our social affairs for THEIR PROFIT, at the expense of our identity.
Just get that shit BANNED from our world. Fly free, on 24k ram. Be you, in all your amateurish glory. Become The Custodians of our fragile homeworld.

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