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Posted on the 12 June 2011 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - ALL PRISONS TO CLOSEFREE PLANET contends that 'most people in prison now' are victims of the seasonal arbitrariness of Global Governance served up as Obedient Local Crackdown, where 'situational survivors' are termed 'true evil' to be punished forever, branded OUTLAWS or PUBLIC ENEMY or CRIMINAL.
Think of how Soviet Russia used to Siberia their great thinkers, their 'heretics' of Communist Idealism. Or think of all the great creatives who've languished in debtors prison, who've been tortured in thinkers prison, who've been man-handled and mis-represented in social prisons.
It's time all these great and wonderful innovators, who we're currently incarcerating in jails of all sort all over this sinister world of control, were allowed to actively contribute to a FREE PLANET stripped of the need to be labelled a criminal because they don't ascribe to some randomly bizarre and arbitrary ruleset.
These thinkers, and more importantly these doers, are exactly the decisive and dynamic individuals who can PROTECT PLANET EARTH from global tyranny, they will stand under no arbitrary ruler and will support no ridiculous Fincancial Bubblers. Time shift only a few centuries and morals change dramatically - those that are now 'criminal' would be hailed as masters of social mastery, great leaders and powerhouses of debate. Oh, and before this goes any further...
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about ANIMAL ZOOs
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about HER MAJESTY'S PLEASUREs
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about CORPORATE N.D.A.s
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about DEBT
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about PROPERTY
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about BORDERs
by the term PRISON, I'm talking about EMPIRE SUPER STRUCTURE
In the same way that Free Planet is all for the release of ALL WILD ANIMALS back into their 'natural habitat' i.e. the verdant surface of the planet, it's also to the benefit of the entire planet that all prisons, all man-made arbitrary controlling structures, are BANNED. They don't work. They always fail. They pop, like clock work. So, let's let them loose, all the ideas. All the innovation. Let's truly explore as a race of global thinkers how ORGANIC SELF-RULE can help share FREE PLANET and express the living will of its people.
It would take only a random twitch of 'global morality' to ACCEPT THESE COMMON CRIMINALS as the pro-active saviours of our homeworld.

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