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Free Planet - a Global Solution to Rampant Nationalism?

Posted on the 08 May 2012 by Freeplanet @CUST0D1AN
Free Planet - a global solution to rampant nationalism?DO RIGHT BY, isn't there something intrinsically wrong with that seemingly-innocent and wholesomely-positive Free Planet structural basis or guiding principal?
"What, Mike, are you talking to yourself again - let me guess, is it a weekday, a work day?"
Everyone should have an advocate-devil on each other shoulder, it's the totally newest thing.
Twice the personal antagonism.
Anyway, yeah, and it's something I wrote about in my Free Planet novel, where the DO RIGHT BY liberty of a Free Planet ethos (where everybody protects their homeworld from PROFIT for the few and SLAVERY of the masses) makes people not need to rely on petty horse-has-bolted criminally-motivated arbitrary lawsets any more - Hitler's legacy.
"What on Earth are you doing, Mike? You're going to wreck Free Planet for those who think it's a dull Utopia of kissy-kissy huggy-huggy. You're going to ruin their expectations of a freeloader planet."
So, it's my FUCKING FICTIONAL NOVEL, Free Planet; my prerogative. But it's true. Hitler didn't run his SS as a top-down dictatorial hierarchy. He ran it as a (dictatorial) flat hierarchy where everyone in positions was given TOTAL CREATIVE FREEDOM to do WHATEVER THEY THOUGHT WAS APPROPRIATE to to fulfill the Aryan Agenda.
Aye, I realize there's the problem, right there; the Aryan fucking agenda. Stupid blonde haired blue eyed agenda. Makes me laugh, it's like Nick F'in Griffin of the UK National Front Party saying he only wants only true blood English men in England. The fucking idiot, WE'RE AN INVADED NATION; the French, the Danes and the Irish of our ancient history. Ours is a MIXED BLOOD RACE, ya fucking dolt. We're SOILED.
And I realize runt-Hitler wasn't even Aryan. And that's what I'm saying, that with all the best intention, "Some fucking idiot is going to do their damnedest to really fuck up our first real stab at CREATIVITY, PASSION and KINSHIP on a global scale since the last of the Tribes were overthrown by the great big leering Empire or CORPORATION, as it became known only recently.
Countries sold their loins like common whores to the Corporate Promise of $$$$$, shameful.

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