Free Mobile Phone Numbers in Mainland China: 7 SMS Service Recommendations for Receiving Verification Codes (2023)

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Most Taiwanese users probably do not have a mobile phone number in mainland China. In fact, when registering some Chinese online services, they often encounter a requirement to enter a mobile phone number in China for identity verification, such as Taobao, Baidu Netdisk, iQiyi, or bilibili, etc. However, there are also services that can be changed to select the country and area code by themselves, so that they can use mobile phone numbers outside China to receive verification code SMS. What should users do when the service requires users to enter a mobile phone number in mainland China? There are also many generators on the Internet. Just open the webpage and find a public mobile phone number to receive the verification SMS.

Previously, I wrote an article "Free Mobile Phone Numbers: Online Services for Receiving SMS Verification Codes" which included SMS verification code service for receiving mobile phone SMS. In fact, the principle is the same as that of temporary mailboxes. Users can choose any number to enter the message inbox of the web version. As long as the number is used to receive SMS, it will automatically enter the inbox.

In addition, various services can also be found on the temporary mobile phone number collection page. The main difference lies in the country and interface of the mobile phone number provided, but the principle is the same! Some services may not be 100% available, friends in need can research by themselves.

This article specifically organizes the free services that provide mobile phone numbers in mainland China, which is also a situation that Taiwanese users may be more likely to encounter. If you do not have a Chinese mobile phone number at hand, you can use it directly. Of course, you may not be able to use it at any time. You may also encounter problems with the number being used by others first. If you encounter problems such as being unable to access or not receiving text messages on your mobile number, remember to change the phone number or service first and then try again.

If I want to obtain a fixed and personal mobile phone number in mainland China, I choose to cooperate with Chunghwa Telecom Universal Card The service will transfer incoming calls or text messages directly to Chunghwa Telecom's phone number. Although the price is not necessarily cost-effective (and you need to pay a monthly fee), it will be used if you need to open a bank account in mainland China, because the mobile phone number will be set at the moment, and you will be required to receive a verification text message to confirm that the number can contact the account holder.

Temporary mobile phone number generators all have one thing in common, that is, the text messages are public and can be seen by others (because everyone shares the same number), or the mobile phone may be registered and occupied by others first, so it is only recommended to use it for not too important Internet services.

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Free Mainland China Mobile Number Service List

SMS receiving(English name Free Receive SMS) is a free service that provides temporary mobile phone numbers in various countries, including the United States, Canada, Hong Kong, Mainland China, Brazil and other countries. What's more special is that it also provides Taiwan numbers (+886). After opening the "Free Chinese Mobile Numbers" page, you will see various Chinese mobile phone numbers (+86). Click the Receive SMS button below to open the SMS receiving page. According to the instructions, the SMS sent to the Free Receive SMS website will appear on the page in about 30 seconds, and users can manually rearrange it. , anyone will see the phone message.

MyTempSMS It is a free service that provides online reception of text messages and temporary mobile phone numbers. What's more special is that it also provides Taiwan phone numbers. At the same time, mobile phone numbers in mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, the Philippines, or European countries. At the time of writing this article, there are 12 groups of mobile phone numbers in mainland China to choose from. Click on the mobile phone number you want to use and open the SMS receiving page to view the content of the received SMS. It is very useful for receiving verification SMS.

It should be noted that these mobile phone numbers are temporary phone numbers and may not be 100% permanently available. Everyone can check the text messages on the mobile phone. If they fail to receive the text messages correctly, you can try other numbers.

SMS24 Provide mobile phone numbers in various countries to allow users to use mobile phone numbers from various countries to receive text messages without registration and anonymous. They complete their identity authentication by receiving verification codes. Whether it is the United States, Australia, Belgium, Canada, China, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Malaysia, Poland, Portugal, Thailand, Vietnam and so on Regional temporary mobile phone numbers can be found here, and can also be used in registered services such as Facebook, Telegram, Google, Gmail, WhatsApp, LINE verification steps.

SMS24 provides quite a lot of mobile phone numbers in mainland China (starting with +86), there are more than 200 in total! After clicking the mobile phone number, you can enter the page for receiving text messages. There are a lot of advertisements, but the operation is relatively simple. Users can click "Refresh this page" on the text message page to manually refresh and check the new text message records. It should be noted that the advertisement blocking function must be turned off when browsing the SMS24 website, otherwise errors may occur.

SMSOnline The website provides six Chinese mobile phone numbers, some of which have been added for more than a year when writing this article. These numbers are all Chinese numbers starting with +86. After clicking on the number, you will open the receiving page and scroll down to see the text message. What is more special is that SMSOnline will automatically analyze and identify the source of the sender and mark the corresponding service, such as Twitter, Facebook or Telegram.

The text messages sent to SMSOnline may take a while to be displayed, and the source number of the sender will not be displayed. The web page provides the function of manually reorganizing and updating the text messages. When using it, you can also use the voting function above to tell others whether the number can still be used normally.

firefly It is a Chinese website that collects more than 180 temporary mobile phone numbers from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Myanmar and other countries. Click on the number to open the corresponding SMS receiving page. There are buttons at the bottom to manually reorganize and refresh the page.

Yunjiyun SMS The verification code receiving platform has been providing services since 2019. It claims to be the only platform in the world that accesses all US telecommunications service providers. It provides a wide range of US mobile phone numbers and responds quickly. According to the instructions, the website should be set up on a US server and protected by US law.

There are also many mobile phone numbers in China and Hong Kong on the Yunjiyun SMS website. Just click on the number and you will enter the SMS page. The operation is similar to other verification code collection services of the same type. The SMS page will have sender number, time and content viewing functions, and you can manually update it at any time to receive the SMS immediately. However, the SMS will be displayed publicly for everyone to see. It is only suitable for receiving verification codes.

Youxin cloud SMS receiving Provide a free service of "Incoming SMS Cloud Verification Code Receiving Platform", which is mainly used to receive mobile phone SMS verification codes online. Users do not need to register, log in or download any software, just select any phone number from the web page, and receive verification codes sent to mobile phones by various network services such as Facebook, Telegram, WeChat or WeChat.

In addition to mobile phone numbers in mainland China, temporary mobile phone numbers in Hong Kong, the United States, and Canada are also provided, but the number is not too large. When using it, you still need to click on the mobile phone number or the "Receive SMS" button below to open the SMS page. There may be some delay while waiting for the SMS. If you do not receive the SMS for a long time, you can change the number and try again.


For Taiwanese users, we often come into contact with online services, applications, or various platforms in mainland China, but we often encounter that without a Chinese mobile phone number, we cannot register an account, verify the account and get "blocked".


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