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Free Fave Fonts and How to Download Them

By Francoisetmoi


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The title font is Lato.

I love using fonts along with photos to help further communicate ideas or a particular feeling associated with a project. And until recently I’ve only used the fonts that came with Adobe Illustrator, because, well it was convenient. But as you might guess, quite limiting.

Lucky for us there are tons of killer FREE fonts out there at our nimble fingertips for the downloading. If you’ve never downloaded a font before, it might seem a bit daunting, (it was for me too!), but it’s actually quite simple:

1. Find a font that you’re interested in downloading.

2. Click “Download TTF” and when prompted, click “Open”. A folder where the font downloaded will open up.


3. Double click on the font file, and a box displaying the contents of the font will pop up. Click “Install” in the upper left corner. The font will unpack and make itself at home.

4. Open Adobe Illustrator and the font should be listed under the font’s drop down menu.  And that’s it! C’est très simple, n’est-ce-pas?

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