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Free Book for Kindle

By Nancymccarroll
Since it did not cost money and was purported to have 54 pattern instructions, why not get a free book for my Kindle app?  So I did.
But wait, there is even more juicy back content! It was first published in 1864 in Bath in the UK.
Free Book for KindleThe drawbacks were that there were no illustrations, and most of the patterns were for chair covers, which I would not use.  The good thing about this book was that gave insight into how people (women, mostly) had to work hard just to keep some color in their lives.
Check it out for yourself here on Amazon if you want a free download, or pay money for it in paperback, which is probably not worth it unless you are a die hard history buff in the realm of needle art.
There were at least 40 more books available for free download related to knitting, crochet, embroider, tatting, lace making, hat making, cooking,  medicinal plants, tapestry weaving, gardening, dyeing of fibers and the list goes on.... so much information and so little time.

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