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Free 3-hour Dub Techno Mix from Kirk Degiorgio

Posted on the 27 February 2014 by Dancefloormayhem @dancefloormayhm
Free 3-hour dub techno mix from Kirk Degiorgio

Kirk Degiorgio is playing in London tomorrow night for Machine at Corsica.

Click here for more info and to purchase tickets

Here is the DJ mix of dub techno to stream and download:

Here is the tracklist for the mix::

DRONELOCK: Sonars (Weekend World)
AURA FLESH: Desert Storm/An Aura Of Exclusivity (Biorecordings)
OHMIKRON: Familiar Moodz (Evasion Room)
WUNDERBLOCK: Wood People (Acrobdub) (Wunderblock)
AURA FRESH: Robotics (Biorecordings)
LEONID: Galax (Dolly)
UNKNOWN: Assimilation (Unknown)
BRICKMAN: Vague (Inner Silence)
BRICKMAN: Correlation (Inner Silence)
MANUEL DI MARTINO: Eingetaucht In Eine Vaccum (Evasion Room)
HD SUBSTANCE: Under Styled (Fanzine)
DEFECTIVE UNITS: Phase Two (Broque)
REGGY VAN OERS: Sinousity (Ness Remix) (Affin)
NORM TALLEY: Analog XTC (Minimood Extra)
UNKNOWN: Spacing (Unknown)
ROBERTO BOSCO: Sonorous Waves 2 (Last Drop)
HIVER: Blue Aconite (Curle)
RECONDITE: Cleric (Dystopian)
CULTURE HUB: Elevated Status (Invisible Circles)
TRUS'ME: Hindsight (Marcelus Friction Remix) (Prime Numbers)
EMANUELE PERTOLDI: Echelon Echo (Subself)
HIVER: Eglantine (Curle)
SKUDGE: Irie (Skudge)
JULIXO: Everdub (Par)
OSCAR MULERO: Second Layer (PoleGroup)
S-TEK: Tiberium Infection (3rdWax)
JONAS KOPP: Mountak (Sleaze)
MATTIAS FRIDELL: Restrictive Influence (Gynoid)
MATTIAS FRIDELL: Life Recycling Law (Affin)
TUTTLE & CHICH: Stanislas (Modularhertz)
MATTIAS FRIDELL: Geodesic Structure (Affin)
HUBOT: Rm To Rm (Weekend Circuit)
ROD: Hux (Klockworks)
UNKNOWN: Forever Young (Unknown)
SHEKON: Puzzle (Maxime Dangles Remix) (Skryptom)

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