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Frederick And Catherine

By Itellyouastory

There was  once a  man called  Frederick: he  had a  wife whose  namewas Catherine, and they  had not long  been married. One  day Fredericksaid. «Kate! I am  going to  work in the  fields; when  I come back  Ishall  be hungry so let me have something nice  cooked, and a gooddraught of  ale.» «Very well,» said  she, «it  shall all  be ready.’When dinner-time  drew nigh, Catherine took a nice steak, which was allthe meat she had, and put it on the fire to fry. The steak soon began tolook brown, and to  crackle in the pan; and  Catherine stood by  with afork and  turned it: then  she said to herself,  «The steak  is almostready, I may  as well  go to  the cellar for the ale.» So she left thepan on the fire and took a large  jug and went into the cellar  andtapped the ale cask.  The beer ran into  the jug and Catherine stoodlooking on. At last it popped into her head,  «The dog is not  shutup—he may  be running  away with the  steak; that’s  well thought of.’So up she ran from  the cellar; and sure enough the  rascally cur hadgot the steak in his mouth, and was making off with it.

Away ran Catherine,  and away ran  the dog  across the field:  but heran faster than she, and stuck close to  the steak. «It’s all gone, and“what can’t be cured must be endured”,» said Catherine. So she turnedround; and as she had run a good way and was tired, she walked homeleisurely to cool herself.


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