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Freaky Day of My Life

By Zareen2050 @aazhar2015

Going back to 1995, it was the month of June; I visited my native village near Gilgit .it supposed to be the most horrified day in my entire life L FREAKY DAY OF MY LIFE In our village there is scarcity of water, because of that the local community designed a system for irrigation of fertile land .every farmer had his turn to irrigate his land on specific day. Unfortunately 15, June, 1995 was our turn. I left home for that purpose at 7 pm after meal with my uncle. Basically our lands are not smooth and situated far from the populated areas of Gilgit. It took about 2 hours to reach the main water channel to get water toward our land. At 9:30 PM finally we succeeded to bring water for irrigation. At 12 AM at night we completed our task and decided to return to your home. While we were passing through a Jungle nearby, I saw something moving about 50 steps away from me. FREAKY DAY OF MY LIFE I thought it would be my superstition and ignored; after some time I saw the same thing again within same distance, it was about 6 feet tall thing or a ghost wearing pure white cloth. As I was a child my uncle didn’t noticed my fear despite of my explanations about ghost. I again insisted to look at that freaky thing; suddenly my uncle saw that….he ran away with a speed of airplane and left me behind…we ran for about 1 hour regularly because of fear.. After reaching home; I was still trembling and got some temperature for about 15 days It is real life story I shared with you Stay Blessed

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