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Posted on the 29 March 2012 by Kaiser31083 @andythemovieguy
Freaks A stunning trapeze artist takes up with a diminutive circus performer as soon as she finds out he has come into a tidy inheritance. Planning to take the dough and run away with the strongman, she doesn't count on the loyalty of her mark's vindictive compatriots. Tod Browning's "Freaks" is a tormenting and exploitative, yet strangely touching movie. Using real and often crudely deformed circus people, Browning tells his dark story in a coarse but highly engaging manner, leading up to the ultra shocking ending. Following the booming success of his "Dracula" and the insatiable audience desire for monster movies, Browning was in high demand. With "Freaks", he gave audience what they asked for, who responded in turn with revulsion and disdain towards the real life "monsters." As a result and like its subjects, "Freaks" was misunderstood for many years until its recent and proper heralding as a horror movie classic.

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