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Freak Week @ Hop Farm

By Theneonhub @theneonhub

Freak Week Flyer
neon are really really excited about this event at Hop Farm where lovers of scary films can leave their sofas and step right into the horror at this award winning Halloween scare event.

Freak Week brings immersive theater experiences to the traditional Halloween entertainment with a Freak Show and five main attractions.

We’ll see you in the first aid tent!

The Fun House
Fear Factor: 4 Stars
A closed children’s attraction known by many as “The Fun House” has become infested with squatters. Reports are flooding in of a so called ‘gang’ from a recent carnival which toured the area having acquired the space. They have been described as aggressive and are refusing to vacate the area.

Fear Factor: 5 Stars
A deadly virus has spread across the country, embedding itself within humans and turning them into wild, frothing, rage-filled creatures with an insatiable desire for flesh. The government is struggling to contain the situation.

The Underground
Fear Factor: 5 Stars
An underground torture facility has been discovered in the heart of Kent, in the dark tunnels that once were part of the Lilly Hoo underground station – huge numbers of missing people from Tonbridge and Malling are thought to be inside.

The Slaughter House
Fear Factor: 6 Stars
Porky’s Pie Factory just outside East Peckham, Kent, was closed by hygiene inspectors in 2008 after reports that human remains were found in their pork pies- but strangely smoke has been seen coming from the factory chimney ever since.

The Hatch
Fear Factor: 6 Stars
In 1973 six school children went missing in the area and are now believed to have been drowned after exploring the underground drainage systems when a storm broke. Enter and make your way through the underground drainage systems.

The Hop Farm, Maidstone Road, Paddock Wood,TN12 6PY
25 – 31 October 2012
Tickets here
Weekdays 6:00 – 11:00pm
Weekends 6:00 – 12:00pm
Car – 1hr from London and free parking
Train – 45 minutes from London plus £4 taxi from the station when using Streamline Taxis

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