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‘Frazzled Friday’- the post-Christmas Comedown

Posted on the 28 December 2012 by 72point @72hub

Today is ‘frazzled Friday’ – the day the festive excesses finally get the better of us, a study found. Overdosing on food, booze and unwelcome relatives coupled with a realisation there is very little left in the bank to get through January means today will be a struggle.

The study also found as many as one in two of us will spend today lounging on the sofa with the curtains closed, taking time out to settle frayed nerves.

Furthermore, the study revealed that 72% will have spent three or more days with our family and close friends over the festive period – one day too long, according to more than half of those polled.

The survey also found the average adult Brit will have piled on 4lbs come the 28th, with one third of men over the age of 40 struggling to get into their favorite jeans.

Ben Ayers of movie and TV streaming service blinkbox, who commissioned the survey, said:

”Too much booze, food and family combined can leave us feeling tetchy at a time when we are supposed to be full of the joys of Xmas.

‘’The perfect tonic for a Frazzled Friday is some quiet time alone in front of a good movie when you can switch off from family with a bit of selfish escapism.”

The research found hours of compromising over what to watch on telly and too much time with family will leave one third of us fantasising about going abroad next Christmas.

One in four of us will first take stock of our bank balances today, with over a third expecting to be overdrawn.

Top irritant over the festive period is likely to be the mother-in-law (24%) followed by our own children (11%).

Granddad is likely to be the favorite family member, annoying just 1% of those surveyed.

The study also found 72% of us will spend at least three days in close proximity to family over the immediate Xmas period- contributing to the five arguments had by families over the Xmas period.

A massive 64% of households will even see a few tears amid the scrapping.

The 65 units of alcohol gulped per adult is probably a contributing factor to the festive feuds.

One in four are also looking at a long cold winter, as financial constraints mean they won’t have another holiday until after Easter.

The festive season also uncovers other annoyance- 75% are irritated by New Year resolutions.

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