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Frankestinians Unleashed

Posted on the 13 January 2015 by Mikelumish @IsraelThrives
Michael L.
frankThe Frankestinian people have lived in Frankenstine since time immemorial.
When the Euro-French occupiers of Frankestinian land marched onto their sacred soil and started ripping olive groves from the earth with their bare fangs they let loose a righteous wave of resistance that continues to this day.
The Euro-French imperialist invaders will not know a day of peace so long as they continue to oppress the native Frankestinian population.  The Frankestinians are a noble and peaceful people who want nothing more than to tend their sacred olive groves and build a decent and prosperous life for themselves and their children, but they are living under a brutal occupation.
France must become a state for all of its people, not merely the Euro-French.  The Euro-French racists in the illegal French Occupation Government (FOG) have created an unsustainable situation.  The status quo, which enshrines the Frankestinians as a permanent underclass under Euro-French law, cannot long continue. Nor should it.
The native population of Frankenstine have their rights and the French Occupation Government is responsible under international law to implement those rights.  So long as the racist Euro-French government insists upon punishing an innocent people on their own land then they will continue to receive well-deserved scorn from the rest of the world community.
It is for this reason that many millions of decent people from all around the world have elected to join the campaign to boycott, sanction, and divest from the fascistic Euro-French state.  Speaking strictly for myself, however, I am only boycotting products that are produced by illegal right-wing Euro-settlers in the Occupied Frankestinian Left Bank.
The Frankestinians, needless to say, will not be satisfied until they recover the entirety of their ancient realm and that includes all the illegally occupied Euro-French lands.
I am sorry.  The Euro-French suffered greatly under the Nazis during World War II - we all recognize that... sort of - but this does not give them the right to abuse another people.  It is as if they learned nothing from their experience under oppression and are now unjustly taking out that oppression on the innocents of Frankenstine.
Face it, the Euro-French are the New Nazis and the Frankestinians are the New Euro-French.  The Euro-French took what they learned under Nazi cruelty and applied it to the innocent Frankestinians.
Naturally the Frankestinians are fighting back with whatever small means they have at their disposal, such as, for example, kidnapping Euro-French teenagers and running down 3 month old Euro-French baby girls with their automobiles.  But what it is most important to understand - as the New York Times does - is that the peace-loving Frankestinians would never resort to such tactics were it not for the cruelty of the French Occupation Government.
Some people say that France is subject to an unjust effort to delegitimize that country as the Nation-State of the Euro-French people, but what I say is that France has delegitimized itself and that international scorn and sanctions are fully justified until they make the required restitutions.
moving to franceAlso, of course, I could not be happier that the humanistic government in Israel voted in favor of creating a Frankenstinian state right, smack directly in the very heart of the Occupied Euro-French territory.
So, what part of this should the Euros be allowed to keep?
{The Frankestinians are unleashed.}

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