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Frank Schilling’s North Sound Names Starts Deleting Its 230,000 Uniregistry Domains

Posted on the 17 September 2016 by Worldwide @thedomains

On Thursday Frank Schilling North Sound Names started to delete the registrations for the approximately 230,000 domain names it registered in Uniregistry new gTLD extensions.

Yesterday over 100,000 domain names owned by North Sound Names in Uniregistry strings were deleted.

About a month ago Uniregistry announced it would be releasing over 1,000,000 domain names it had reserved and registered through North Sound Names to made available in the registrar channel.

Starting on Thursday and continuing yesterday over 100,000 previously registered domain names under North Sound Names were deleted.

We confirmed with Frank Schilling that these deletions are the result of domain name being dropped by North Sound Names in preparation to hit the registrar channel.

Domains registered by North Sound Names were held to be sold for a one time premium price similar to .com domains on the aftermarket.

Uniregisty becomes the second registry to start deleting domain registrations to sell through the registrar market.

Earlier this week Minds + Machines started deleting some of the 17,000 domain names owned by Emerald Names which is owned by Minds + Machines.

Unlike Uniregistry, Minds + Machines did not give advance notice that they would be deleting domain registrations.

In any event with Rightside’s (NAME) release of 25,000 two charter domain names that is a lot of inventory hitting the market.

I think the massive release of new inventory has already effected the aftermarket for new gTLD’s.

The branded .club domain auction on  Sedo  produced less than $75,000 in sales for a bunch of very good two letter domains, including arguably best single letter domain,

Yesterday alone over 100,000 domain names owned by North Sound Names of Uniregistry strings were deleted.

Here are yesterday’s numbers of deletions:

.Property 26,440

.Flowers 14,672

.Audio 13,770

.Diet 12,978

.Link 12,261

.Help 10,900

.Christmas 10,576

.Hosting 9,163

.Blackfriday 7,020

.Hiphop 3,583

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