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Frank Schilling Rolls Out BIN Prices On 35K Domains, As Low As $4,990

Posted on the 27 March 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

Frank Schilling company, Name Administration, has apparently jumped on the Buy It Now pricing wagon, by listing around 35,000 of this domain names with Buy It Now (BIN) prices on for what appears to be as low as $4,990.

Here are some examples of domains priced to sell at a BIN price of $4,990:

That is not to say by any means all of his BIN domains are priced at $4,990, there are other domain names with higher BIN pricing like which is priced at $60,000.

The BIN pricing appears when searching for a domain through Sedo or or after you fill out a form using the inquiry link on the landing page which goes to

Since these domains are in the and channel they will also come up for sale at the registrar level with BIN pricing.

Sedo typically reports over 40% of its sales come from BIN pricing, Aftrernic doesn’t report the percentage of domain sold with BIN pricing.

There has been quite a bit of debate in the domain community on  whether domainers should list their domains for sale with BIN pricing as opposed to make offer pricing.

So is the bigger question is what does this mean to the domain resale industry when tens of thousands of domain names are being put on the market for the first time on a BIN basis?


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