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Frank Schilling Live From London: “.Com Will Become Like AM Radio”

Posted on the 26 September 2013 by Worldwide @thedomains

The Digital Marketing & gTLS Strategy Congress conference kicked off today with Frank Schilling of Unregistry, laying out how he see the future of the domain name space and its the new gTLD program.

Mr. Schilling was being interviewed on stage by Kevin Murphy of

As always Mr. Schilling had some interesting observations and bold predictions:

Big brands placed their internet presence on .com as it meant commerce smaller brands and companies followed them into .com

Now we are going to see the same thing to the right of the dot , as big brands leads the way with smaller brands and other companies to follow leading to tens of thousands of new gTLD.

Its a certainty.

It won’t change overnight, but over time, its an evolution like we saw with .com.

“Its more of a marathon then a sprint.”

“This is 1998 all over again as if think of the .com”

“More brands will come to own their new gTLD’s”

As those TLD’s get marketed and utilized you will see type in traffic to those new gTLD’s,

“.Com will become like AM radio”

Because the power of marketing brands bring. you will see brands like BMW advertise domains like  Drive.BWM 745.BMW

As far as comparing the launch of previous new TLD to what is coming with the new gTLD’s is like comparing putting out a fire using the water from an eye dropper with dumping  a plane load of water on a wire.

So if yo  have a fire and you use water from an eye dropper to try to put out the fire, some people will say “see water doesn’t put out fire” so like’s like saying the new gTLD won’t work because .mobi and .aero didn’t work,  but of course you need a lot of water to put out a fire and that’s what the new gTLD’s that are coming are big planes of water.

Mr. Schilling also predicted that Brands will windup using some new gTLD as in-house social networks.

Brands are paying Twitter and Facebook to get their customers to go to Twitter and Facebook and follow their Brand, which doesn’t make sense to me. The problem is as we sit today, very few brands have the technology, the wherewith all to create a social network to send the customers  to and engage with them and get the traffic back.

Now brands can own their new gTLD string and use them to interact with their customers.…

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