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By Pamelascott

Frailty by Betsy Reavley
Published by Bloodhound Books
Published 15 November 2016
237 pages
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Frailty: a haunting psychological thriller from an international best-selling author

How far would you go to protect your family?

Danny and Libby are about to face every parent's worst nightmare.

When eight-year-old Hope Bird disappears without a trace, from the idyllic village where she lives, life for her family will never be the same again. Her parents know she would never have gone off alone and the police have no idea where she is. Then a child's shoe is discovered and the case takes an unexpected turn. Soon a suspect is identified but this is only the beginning.

Will they ever find Hope?

Frailty is a haunting, gritty, psychological page-turner about the choices we make.


I look around and try to see in the dark. Everything feels strange here. Far away and yet close. I'm scared. I'm really scared. Hello. Is anyone there?


I wasn't sure I was going to like Frailty at first. The book ages to really get going but when it finally did, boy did it pack a whopper. I thought Frailty was going to be your typical missing child novel that I've read a thousand times - and the some crazy shit happens involving Danny and a shed and I'm like what the f***? Did this just happen? I need to lie down and maybe someone to hug me. The book got really good. I really like the way the novel is narrated from the viewpoint of Libby and Danny and Hope which works really well. I thought the ending was really well written even though I did suspect part of where the plot was going. I like Libby as a character and thought she developed well across the novel, becoming stronger in spite of what happened to her. I cheered when she becomes a bit of a badass at the end. Overall, I really enjoyed Frailty even though it was a bit slow at first.



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