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Fox News Takes On The NRA

Posted on the 03 February 2013 by Reasoningpolitics @reasonpolitics

Wayne LaPierre’s interview today on Fox News Sunday got pretty heated today. Chris Wallace pressed LaPierre on his opposition to background checks as well his now infamous video attacking President Obama’s children.

The Huffington Post has a partial transcript:

At the end of an already tense interview, Wallace asked LaPierre to explain the NRA’s video accusing President Barack Obama of wanting armed security for his own children but opposing it for others. Wallace pointed out that the president’s children face a larger threat than most.

“Tell that to the people at Newtown,” LaPierre replied, referring to the town where an armed shooter killed 20 young children at an elementary school in December.

“Do you really think that the president’s children are the same kind of target as every schoolchild in America?” Wallace asked. “It’s ridiculous, and you know it, sir.”

Lets all take a minute to remember that even Fox News owner Rupert Murdoch supports the assault weapons ban.

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