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Fox News Booed by Occupy Wall Street

Posted on the 11 October 2011 by Mikeb302000
Looks like these protesters were well aware of the false and inaccurate characterization of them, including grossly inaccurate numbers, promoted by Fox Fraudcast and other Murdoch media propagandists.  Geraldo Rivera claims he didn't leave with his tail between his legs, but clearly from this footage, he appears to be somewhat daunted by the chanting of the crowd and gives up and leaves as a result.  The length of time that the chanting continued, and the number of people engaged in it argues for a remarkable level of energy and determination on the part of the protesters.
Had Fox been even remotely the fair and balanced media they claim in their motto, I believe that they would have given the reporters from those outlets a very different reception. It is a measure of right-wing hypocrisy and double standards and double dealing that Fox promoted the Tea Party group events as grass roots when they were not, and as peaceful despite evidence of a different intent reflected in their placards, while reviling the obviously peaceful Occupy Wall Street protesters.
This movement is NOT going away, it is far more genuinely grass roots and far larger than the tea party ever was at its largest point. If this continues, as it appears it will, it represents a new and important factor in the next election cycle. And it is going to be a factor that Fox News and the other propagandists on the right are not going to be able to spin easily.

and, a more comprehensive piece of coverage, from a somewhat different angle, of the same event.
Maybe Geraldo should go back to opening empty parts of basements associated with dead and gone gangsters.  That moment back in the 80's was perhaps less embarrassing than this point in his career with the Wall Street protesters.

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