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Fournier ..a Poverty Alleviation Project

By Kinderpendent
fournier ..a poverty alleviation project
These delightful flag garlands were handmade by Bolivian artisans via Fournier, which is a company founded by Anabel Fournier in 2003 as a poverty alleviation project. The project is dedicated to helping the community make lasting improvements in their own standards of living by giving artisans training in knitting, crocheting, embroidery and sewing.
When I discovered Fournier, I simply fell in love with the soft, simplistic style. And when I discovered the background of the company, I was in absolute awe over all of the socially conscious goodness. It really is quite inspiring, don't you agree?
fournier ..a poverty alleviation project
And if you're feeling as awe inspired as I am, there's good news. You can help support these hardworking, talented women & Fournier's mission to help alleviate their life of poverty, simply by shopping Fournier! The designs are beautiful + the happy feeling you'll get from helping others is pretty cool, too. It's truly a win-win.
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