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Four Ways To Break A Habit

By Lyndsay S @lyndsinreallife

Being able to break a habit is a lot easier said than done. Usually, these habits are something you’ve done for a while, and any habit can become addictive in its own way. Here are four ways to help you break a habit.

Four Ways To Break A Habit

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Take It A Day At A Time

The main thing to think about when you’re trying to break a habit is that it’s all about taking it a day at a time. There’s going to be days where you struggle and the odd day or several where you fall off the wagon, and your old habit starts again. This is something you just need to get used to because it’s going to take time. The most addictive habits can often take years to kick, like smoking, or perhaps having too much alcohol every week. Cutting down and then eventually cutting it out can be difficult, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re having a tough time of it. Take it day by day where you can, and if you fall off, just dust yourself off and get back on it again.

Try Hypnotherapy

There are alternative methods out there to beating a habit, and a lot of the time, it really is mind over matter. Your body will trick you into thinking it needs something when, in reality, it doesn’t. The only reason why it’s making you feel this is because whatever the habit is, it’s conditioned you to feel like you need it. That without it, you’re going to suffer in some way. Hypnotherapy is a great way of getting yourself mentally in the mindset to kick a habit for good. It’s been proven to work on previous patients, but it all depends on how you approach it and whether the person doing it for you is going to have the knowledge and ability to train your brain to feel differently about the habit you have.

Find The Triggers

There’s normally a trigger to any habit, and it’s a good thing to find that trigger so you can stop it from happening. Normally, it might be something or someone that causes the trigger, perhaps it’s work and the stress that makes you smoke. Or maybe it’s seeing certain people that fill you with nerves and then you end up biting your nails as a result. Whatever the trigger, locate it and try to avoid it where you can.

Choose A Healthy Substitute

Finally, while you’re trying to beat a habit, it’s a good thing to find a healthy substitute for said habit. If you’re trying to quit smoking, trying cutting down less and trying vaping. If it’s alcohol, try replacing it with alcohol-free drinks, so you still have the taste.

These four ways are just a few examples of how you can try and beat a habit. Be patient with yourself and trust yourself that you will end up tackling it one day. It might take time, but you’ll get there eventually and be better for it.

•How do you try to break your bad habits?

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Four Ways To Break A Habit

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