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Four Things To Get Ready For The Colder Season

By Ncrimaldi @MsCareerGirl

Four Things To Get Ready For The Colder Season

The holidays are just around the corner. And that means there's cooler weather ahead and it's time to prepare for the changes that come with the changing season. Here's some reminders of things that you'll want to add to your Fall to-do list and be ready for the colder season ahead.

Fall and Winter Clothing

Four Things To Get Ready For The Colder Season

Yes it's time to put away the shorts and sandals. If last year's warmer clothing is a bit sparse, head out or online to find some new looks for the new season. This year's fashion trends seem to include a little bit of something for everyone's taste and budget. So if you've found yourself frustrated or put off in the past by faddish fashions that just didn't work for you, that's good news. Pair something new with some of your old favorites and you've got a new look without breaking the budget.

Around The House

Your house needs to be prepared for winter, too! Keeping your home warm can be a big part of the household budget. So check the doors and windows for cracks and leaks. Seal them up to keep the cold air outside. You'll also want to help the furnace run more efficiently by changing the air filters.

Remember to check any exterior water pipes to be sure they're protected from freezing. A little time and money spent now can save you from huge repair bills later because of a cold spell that might come around unexpectedly.

Four Things To Get Ready For The Colder Season

Family Health

Colder temperatures are accompanied by colds and flu. So check your shelves and stock up on items that both help prevent common winter illnesses and are remedies for those inevitable winter bugs. The basics include:

  • Vitamin C. Most people agree that it helps prevent winter colds, or lesser their effects.
  • Tea. Lot's of liquids are important, and tea goes a long way to help keep you healthy.
  • Chicken soup. It's comfort food, and straight from Grandma's old fashioned remedies for all that ails you.
  • Over-the-counter cold and flu remedies. Have the basics on hand for quick response.

And Don't Forget The Car

That trusty car, truck, or SUV in the garage needs attention, too. Many manufactures suggest lighter weight oil for winter driving. Check the wiper blades to be sure the rubber is soft and can provide a clear view in inclement weather. And if you're going to be doing any winter travel by car, it's a good idea to have a couple of blankets in the trunk just in case of emergency.

Four Things To Get Ready For The Colder Season

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