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Four Stages of Startup Investments

Posted on the 19 May 2011 by Cameronchell


The Four Stages of Startup Investments

Startup companies are often defined simply as temporary companies searching for a working business model.  While the point at which a company is no longer a startup and simply just another company is quite the extensive debate, there are certainly agreed upon milestones that exist within startup companies. In this segment we will be examining four of the stages of startup investment.

1) Seed Financing

2) Round 1/A

3) Round 2/B

4) Round 3/C

The financing that startups receive is generally the most commonly used method to gauge their success, growth and progress. As an investor this information is used to judge possible liquidity events as well as further involvement of your investment. Over the next few posts we will detail these stages as well as where these startups tend to be from a go to market angle.


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