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Four Questions Alan Ball Won’t Answer About S4

Posted on the 28 April 2011 by Thevault @The_Vault
Four Questions Alan Ball won’t answer about S4

It’s true that everyone wants to know the answers to the questions below, but evidently Alan Ball (the only one who really knows), won’t answer them.

I remember that between Seasons 1 and 2 of True Blood, everyone wanted to know if it was Lafayette who was dead in the car outside Merlotte’s.  We spent the show’s hiatus debating about whether he would live, or be dead, like in the books. Now in Season 4 there are a new set of questions, that poor Alan Ball gets asked all the time, and with each season there seem to be more and more questions.

I suppose he might think that by answering them, it may make the show less interesting. Maybe he’s right, but as reported on the Inside True Blood Blog, everyone keeps askin’… the following:

1. Where is Sookie?

2. Where is Tara?

3. Do Sookie and Bill reconcile?

4. Do Sookie and Eric get together?

I suppose we’ll just have to wait for Season 4 to start to find the answers.

source: inside-true-blood-blog.com

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