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Four Months to Get the ‘hang’ of It…

By Umkhaloodie

According to recent studies, it takes new mothers around four months to get the ‘hang’ of it…

Four months to get the ‘hang’ of it…

four months and 23 days to be exact….

The study found during pregnancy, one in two of those polled were nervous and scared of becoming a mother, while one in four said they felt completely daunted.

And that increased after giving birth when more than half of those polled admitted to being overwhelmed with the prospect of being a mother.

The Daily Mail have put together a list of Top Ten Things that lead to feeling like a ‘proper’ mother.


1. Getting a good routine sorted

2. Knowing what to do when her baby cried

3. Not being worried about dealing with her baby in public

4. Trying not to panic when her baby was under the weather or had a temperature

5. Always leaving the house with a spare change of clothes for the baby

6. Always leaving the house with milk/food/snacks for the baby

7. Being able to change a nappy quickly

8. Having the baby sleep through the night

9. Feeling able to keep on top of the housework

10. Always having a toy or something to entertain the baby in their handbag

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Have to admit, it does take awhile to get used to ‘being smelly’, not having time to shower, drinking cold cups of tea and coffee and generally looking like an all round mess……and then there’s the house……well, el7umdella we have maids to clean up after us……..well not all of ‘us’. I still have greasy hair and cold coffee.

Four months to get the ‘hang’ of it…

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