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Four For Friday – The Mouse That Roared

Posted on the 23 June 2017 by Sumithardia

Four For Friday – The Mouse That Roared

The subject of this blind is an actress that I consider A list. If you’re a certain age, then you know who she is and probably would call her A list too. She’s is pretty low profile, but I think she probably likes it that way. The reason is because she was once involved in a very notorious situation that brought a lot of attention onto her that she did not want. Most people who can remember what went down think they know the whole story, but the thing is, the accepted narrative is only a tiny piece of the entire situation.
I’ll call our actress Ms. L. When she was younger, she was considered one of the most intriguing and talented people of her generation. She hung around a group of other very young and dynamic people of similar ages who were really enjoying themselves during those times. Ms. L eventually entered into a relationship with an uber famous man who I’ll call Mr. M. They appeared to be very serious about one another for quite a while- until a very disturbing incident occurred. Ms. L was collateral damage in that situation, in terms of everything that took place.
The sad truth is that Ms. L was actually herself a victim of relationship violence that at times was so severe that she required hospitalization. Even years later, she has serious residual trauma from her past situation that almost no one knows about. This violence escalated after the above mentioned incident occurred. Ms. L was also subjected to physical and emotional intimidation to prevent her from talking about things she had seen and witnessed in her situation. She was essentially silenced by threats and kept quiet out of fear for years.
Anyway, fast forward to now. Ms. L has kept her mouth shut for a very long time, but has received extensive treatment for trauma and PTSD-type problems. It has taken a long time to heal and she has been fortunate that she has had good psychological care and support from her loved ones. Again, virtually no one knows she has had any of these problems– she’s been very good at hiding it. The only people who know the severity of what she had to endure are close family and only a few friends who have been sworn to secrecy. Ms. L also suffered from some repressed memory issues about what happened to her and only recently has been able to recall all the horrible incidents in detail.
Ms. L has a young female actress friend who recently became aware of Ms. L’s story. I’ll call her Ms. C. Ms. L confided her story to Ms. C as a cautionary tale so that the young actress would be careful not to get herself into a similar situation. Ms. C. is an outspoken feminist and looks up to Ms. L as a mother figure and she’s urging Ms. L to go public with her story. Ms. L has also gotten to the point in her therapy where she is no longer afraid and is ready to tell all. She’s angry about being silenced and her family, friends and medical team are supportive of her desire to go public.
Mr. M and the other people involved in the past situation have of course gone on with their lives as if nothing happened, and have no clue that Ms. L could potentially expose them. If she does decide to go public, there will be added shock value because those who witnessed what was going on and did not intervene will also be called out publically. The best part is that Ms. L also has journals and medical records that document the abuse which will be undeniable.
This story has the potential to be huge and will shine an important light on relationship abuse survivors. Ms. C is also anxious to help publicize Ms. L’s story and has a lot of power to do so because she has a massive following on social media. I hope Ms. L can remain strong and maintain the courage necessary to come forward.
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