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Four Easy and Fun DIY Home Decor Projects

Posted on the 22 April 2020 by Lasesana @lasesana

Being stuck at home can get tedious. Here are four great DIYs from our sister site, Real Estate Fiend to help you pass the time and beautify your space.

Driftwood canvas art

This is a great project to bring the beach into your home in a subtle and natural way.  It can work with almost any color palette because you pick the color you want to paint the canvass.  The driftwood and copper wire will add color and texture to an otherwise flat surface.

Boho jute planters

Four Easy and Fun DIY Home Decor Projects

This is a quick afternoon project that turns plain or old containers into cute, hip little planters. You can paint the planters any color and use just about any material for the rim.

Upgrade an IKEA cabinet

Four Easy and Fun DIY Home Decor Projects

IKEA cabinets are great, but sometimes they can look generic and boring. This tutorial shows you how to quickly and easily add a little style to a plain cabinet, perfect for a bathroom, bedroom, or office.

DIY Jute Chadelier

The right lighting can be expensive and / or difficult to find. This short tutorial on how to build a jute chandelier has endless posibilites and will instantly add style to any room.

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