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Four Beauty Uses for Coconut Oil

By Jayfletch22 @Jayfletch22

About a month ago, I begged my mom to go with me to Trader Joe's so that I could purchase coconut oil.
I originally wanted to use it for my hair, but I later realized it has so many other uses.
1) Hair
I read a lot online that one could use coconut oil to prevent split ends and as a scalp moisturizer. Honestly, I only used it in my hai once, because it was too greasy and sticky feeling in my hair. I ha to wash my hair three times to get most of it out! I certainly didn't like it in my hair, but if you have very dry hair, it wouldn't hurt to try!
2) body
Coconut oil is an amazing moisturizer. Plus it smells great. After I shower, I love to either mix coconut oil in lotion, or use it plainly on my legs. It is amazing after you shave! Plus, it absorbed quickly, so I'm not all oily all night.
3) Lips
I love to use coconut oil right before I go to bed. I will use a lip scrub, an put a little coconut oil on them after. When I wake up, my lips are amazingly soft and smooth. I can get results like that from any lip balm or Chapstick.
4) Eyelashes
I never have mascara remover, so one day I tried coconut oil. It was great! Honestly it doesn't work as well as traditional eye makeup remover, but this is natural, and has reported to thicken lashes. I haven't used it enough on my lashes to notice a different in thickness, but I like using this over pricey, chemical filled eye makeup remover.
Thanks for reading! Xo, jayFour beauty uses for coconut oilFour beauty uses for coconut oilFour beauty uses for coconut oil

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