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Four Astonishing but Useful Japanese Phrases for Travelers

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One of the toughest things you will encounter when going to a foreign country like Japan is to actually bridge yourself with the language barrier. Japanese language is honestly not the easiest language to learn, frankly speaking. And despite that there are still some people who know how to speak English, there is still an edge when you know how to learn language even in its basics.

That’s why we have here 10 astonishing Japanese phrases we think it could contribute to you during travel seasons. You don’t need to study Japanese in Tokyo by learning these unique, but very simple Japanese phrases. All you have to do is to familiarize it.

  1. “Yo-ro-sh-ku o-neh-gai-shi-mus.”

Do you know that when you say “yoroshiku” to any Japanese person at any situation, they help you with anything and everything you need? This literally means “please do your best and treat me well”, but in fair view to the phrase, it turns out to be a “magic word for someone like you for a foreigner.

“Onegaishimasu” in Japanese means please, so just asking assistance to them using this word along with a gesture of support, they will get to understand what you’re trying to express.

  1. “Hon-toe ni oh-ee-shee des yo!”

This phrase is usually quoted during meal or eating time. Its literal meaning is “for real, it’s delicious!” Hontou ni means “for real” or “really” or “I’m not kidding.” Japanese people are always telling sweet little white lies, so dropping a “hontou ni” from time to time is very much appreciated.

  1. “Koh-nah ni kee-ray na to-ko-ro wa hah-jee-meh-teh mee-tah!

Japanese people love it when they hear great appreciations from foreigners about their country. When you speak this amusing phrase, it literally means “I’ve never seen a place so beautiful before”.

  1. “Ee-show ni kah-rah-o-keh ni ee-koh ka?”

Karaoke is a famous Japanese entertainment that really amuses both foreigners and countrymen alike. “Shall we go to karaoke together?” is the literal meaning of this phrase, so if you want to try something trendy in Japan, say this loud and proud!

Have you have a fun learning of the language this time? Enjoy these extraordinary phrases, and you will enjoy your stay more in Japan.

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