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Foundation ~ How to Pick the Perfect One!

By Robinavidor @robinavidor

How to pick a perfect liquid foundation for your skin

A Guest Post

Choosing the right foundation of your skin is a time-consuming and daunting task because they are available in several formulas and countless shades. It is essential to know that liquid foundations are one of the trickiest makeup items to use because they will either bring you that flawless, dreamy complexion or they will have the opposite results if you choose it wrong.  If you want to avoid the inappropriate one, you need to know about different kinds of liquid foundations available for your individual skin type. The skin type will vary from one individual to another individual, so the liquid foundation now available for all types of skin. When you decide to choose a one, you can understand your skin type. After that, you can look at the products ideal for your skin type. These are major considerations that aid you in selecting the right product quickly and easily. If you have oily skin, you can opt for a good liquid foundation for oily skin sephora.


Important aspects to check

Choosing a suitable foundation for oily skin is a time-consuming and daunting task.  If you love to wear makeup, you will recognition simply applying blush and concealer will not bring you the desired finish. Using one is essential even though if you opt for a very light or medium coverage foundation.  It is always helpful to try various makeup products offered by various brands before choosing one.  The useful process helps you to find out an ideal foundation according to your individual skin type.  Here are few vital aspects to check:

  • Coverage

You can consider both the tone differences and spots of your skin before choosing any foundation. If you come with lots of freckles and spots, you can opt for a complete coverage. You can utilize light coverage if you own a clean skin.  This kind of foundation brings you an illuminated and excellent finish for the skin.

It is also important to opt for a non-transferable and long-lasting foundation. The smart selection helps you to get better results.


  • Undertone:

Most of the people fail to consider this aspect while buying liquid foundation. In fact, the final look and finish are completely based on the undertone, so you can consider this aspect carefully. Looking at the veins is a right way to find the undertone. If your veins appear green or olive green, you have a proper underdone. If you have purplish veins, you have an extremely warm understand. Dark blue and blight blue means neutral ones.

  • Type of your skin

Skin type plays the most significant role in buying a liquid foundation. If you come with oily skin, you can look for one designed especially for oily skin. Otherwise, it will break out your skin and also does not give you the desired look. If you want to keep your skin shiny, you can select one based on the skin type. The proper pick ensures that you are having the desired results soon.

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