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By Inordinatelyplush @inordinateplush

I have literally just walked in about 10 minutes ago. It’s so cold outside, my nose is red, my cheeks are numb and my nose is running like a tap. So please excuse the crap webcam photo. I visited the new Urban Outfitters in Newcastle today. I was so excited! It’s good to see some quirky shops in town, everyone can begin to look a little cooler!HAHA.Also bought a couple of things today, one being the gorgeous fur I’m wearing in the pic. It is so nice, and was only 20 quid from Topshop!I don’t know about anyone else, but I am a girl who likes to go through the day checking off items on a list. So every evening I create a new list of what needs doing the next day, no matter how trivial or easy it may be. So i thought I’d share you one of my lists. This one is from today, and the only thing that I have not done is go to my IT lab at uni.. eeek! Naughty Jen.12.12.11What do your lists consist of? Or are you a laid back kinda girl?WARM HUGS

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