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Foster Care: A Life Changing Interruption

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt

Foster Care: A Life Changing Interruption

Pure and genuine religion in the sight of God the Father means caring for orphans and widows in their distress and refusing to let the world corrupt you. ~James 1:27 (NLT)

I was late turning in my article this month. I mean really late. My mind has been in many other places. I cannot believe we are over half way through January! Things have been neglected. Why you may ask? Because of the opportunity to be obedient to this verse.

I have been walking around in what seems like a thick fog. The kind that you cannot seem to see anywhere but an arm’s length in front of you. Everything in life got put on the back burner. I am truly a writer interrupted. But let me tell you my story.

About two weeks ago I was approached with a need. Several children have become what I now refer to as orphans of the living. These are the kids whose parents are alive but are unable to care for them for whatever reason, rendering them orphans.

I wanted to run from this need or find someone to fill the need or even just pray about the need but God made it clear, this need was to be filled by us. This consisted of bringing a three year old boy into our custody for an indefinite amount of time. We have the hopes of the children being reconciled with this family. The future is uncertain but the need is real. A boy needing a home. A boy going into the state system if someone did not step up to help him.

This experience has rocked my world. I love this little guy like crazy. I even have a love for his parents who have hit hard times. I did not want to love them, but daily I weep and cry out to God on their behalf. They have an amazing kid. I did not want to like them but I do. It causes my mind to stay in a continual state of intercession for them. I cannot imagine what all they have been through.

Yet our part is guarding, protecting, and raising a sweet little boy. It is the hardest thing I have ever done thus far in my life. However, Scripture is clear. This is a faith step. An interruption but of a blessed kind. It will take time to adjust to our new life and family but it will be worth it because we know our Heavenly Father is pleased.

God cares deeply for the poor, needy, orphaned, sick, and widowed. How have you been challenged by this verse to do your part in caring for these people? It is not easy. It will be messy at times. It will interrupt your life but I can only believe we will all look back on those times and say it was well worth it because obedience to His word is always best, interruptions or not.

Father, open our eyes to the needs around us. Help us to be brave enough to meet them and experience you in new ways through them. Lord, thank you for coming for us. Thank you for pursuing us and adopting us as sons and daughters because of your great love. Help us to pour that love from you out on others in need. In Jesus Name. Amen.

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