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Forgiveness and Harmony

By Lifebeyondselfhq @LifeBeyondSelf

Forgiveness and Harmony

I must have made about 12 trips to the dumpster, “purging” my life of anything that now stands in the way of my goal for an advanced degree and travel.  I put off this goal for over ten years, allowing meaningless distractions to get in the way.  But, that is yesterday. I am not done throwing things away…

As my surrounding widen, as the sea calling back the waves, my breath grows deeper, the sky grows wider and all manner of music has inspiration I had not heard before quite like I do now.

My colleague got it when she said, “Sounds like you found forgiveness…harmony.”  She is so right.

Somehow, paradoxically, great loss has led to great gain.  But, I had to allow it to happen; I had to let go and grow.  Tomorrow no longer matters in a way that it used to.  Now, what matters is my active engagement in “now” to make tomorrow what I prefer it to be, open to changes along the way; changes seen and unseen. This is a wonderful place to be.

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