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…forget Your Troubles

By Zer @the2women

…forget your troubles

...come on tweet happy

Say what you want about social media, but it has taught us a lot about ourselves and those around us, and I’m talking about more than updates on our “friends” dietary habits.

Sift through the cat videos, TMI posts (you know who you are), and photos of random people on the train, and you may find some patterns in human behavior.

At least that’s what the leaders of a study at Cornell University are banking on.

These researchers are tracking mood patterns (to see when we’re happiest) using Twitter as their testing grounds.

All of you non-tweeters out there just know that your feelings and daily mood swings are not being accounted for.  Although how you manage to have emotions and not share them with everyone in the twittersphere is beyond me.

The results: we’re pretty predictable.

We start out happy, dip down in the middle of the day, and then end the day relatively pleased.  We’re of course happier on the weekends, but still follow the same daily pattern.

Why do we drag in the middle of the day?

Biological clock?  Sleep cycles? General frustration with our Twitter account?  Who knows.

Fear not.  I have a solution.  Nap time.

Sure you can just appreciate the fact that we naturally decrease in happiness in the mid hours of the day and settle for it, but I see this as a chance to return to the simpler time, like preschool.

Problem solved, just remember to be nice to the other kids and share.


“If You’re Happy and You Know It, Did You Tweet?”: MSNBC 

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