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Forget Romance: Check Their Credit Score

By Datecoachtoni @CoachToni

New evidence keeps coming in on the importance of financial stability in a relationship. According to a recent working paper from the Federal Reserve Board, credit plays a big role in people beginning and staying in, committed relationships. So much for big blue eyes, great legs, a witty personality, and all the other attractions we think of when it comes to romantic relationships.

If you have a high credit score—you are a hot commodity! You are more likely to get and stay married than that charmer who lives from paycheck to paycheck. Who says nice guys finish last? Certainly not ones with good credit.

The Fed paper analyzed a data set of 12 million, randomly selected consumers who had used the reporting agency, Equifax over a period of 15 years. In other words, this was a big, randomly selected, long-term analysis—which is the most reliable kind. Along with having greater relationship success in general, it was found that those who started their relationship with strong credit scores were less likely to separate or divorce. They also found that couples who had similar scores had the most stable unions. This most likely speaks to compatibility in work ethic, responsibility, and a shared values around saving, spending, and how money should be handled—all of which impact lifestyle and security.

As I have always said—get your own act together before looking for or entering a serious relationship. Money matters because of all the things it says about someone, and the impact it has on lifestyle and future choices. If your finances are fragile or need attention, don’t wait—your moment to meet Mr. or Mrs. Right could be just around the corner.

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