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Forget $2,499; Network Solutions Is Charging $4K For A Premium .Sucks Registration

Posted on the 14 April 2015 by Worldwide @thedomains

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Hundreds of stories have covered the launch of .Sucks and the suggested retail price of $2,499 for a one year registration of a “premium” domain.

However all the registry Vox Populi can do is charge the registrars the wholesale cost of the domain names and suggest a retail price. Each domain registrar can then set the price they want to charge their customers for the domain name.

We understand that the wholesale cost of a premium .Sucks registration that the registry is charging the registrars is $1,999.

In the case of Network Solutions they are charging a rack rate of $3,997.99 for a .sucks domain name registration if the name being registered is on the “Premium” list.

That means Network Solutions is going to make  as much as the .sucks registry itself.

Unlike Vox Populi, ICANN has not reported Network Solutions into the feds.

Network Solutions is owned by which also owned which has the same price for a .Sucks Premium registration $3,997.99, literally adding insult to injury.

By the way, for your next trivia contest,  Vox Populi translates into the word “Closer” in Latin.


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