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Forever Lazy Or Forever Lame?

By Bestfunnyblog @bestfunnyblog
Forever Lazy or Forever Lame?

Today, I saw an infomercial for Forever Lazy - and had it not been in the morning, I would have sworn it was a spoof on Saturday Night Live. Forever Lazy is so ugly and ridiculous that it makes the Snuggie look like high fashion!

Where do I even begin? First of all, this is a major rip-off of the snuggie! Second of all, I am still debating if I want one. They entice you with this amazingly lame commercial about a comfortable “jammy” type suit that you can wear around the house and be completely comfortable and cozy all in one! You can even be lazy enough to not take it off by using its convenient poop flap ..or “zipper lining” as they call it. One for the front and one for the back! Talk about a win-win!

I think my man would just flip over the pretty colors they come in. I can strut my stuff in a cute pink ensemble complete with white zippers for my butt and vag flap. That would surely leave nothing to the imagination, and drive him wild! Nothing like a suit that does zilch for your figure and makes you look like an adult in a onesie! Plus they say you can enjoy down time or party with friends. There is an idea, I am going to throw a Forever Lazy party and invite all my friends over for snacks!

Are these people ##&!ing serious?! The one piece suit just has it all! I love my blankets and I don’t mind them not closing around me all the way. Ever heard of a robe? I have! I am super cool and turn it around and use it as a blanket or the original “snuggie” and am perfectly content. This is just a sorry excuse to make money and embarass people. They need to advertise around retirement homes, perhaps I should get my grandmother one. This way using the bathroom and taking off all those annoying clothes won’t be so bad anymore- she’ll have the Forever Lazy! Christmas idea? I think so… for a gag gift! Or if you hate someone, get them this! Nothing says I loath you more than a Forever Lazy!

I could go on and on about this teletubby suit with a poop hole, but I shall stop here. But first- ten reasons not to buy this suit:

1. It makes you look fat
2. It has a poop flap
3. It has a front pee hole flap
4. It looks like a “onesy”
5. You have the potential to be confused with a creepy children’s character
6. It has a poop flap
7. You can wear it anywhere (not that you would want to)
8. It comes in different colors
9. It comes with a hood. (No comment)
10. Again, it has a poop flap people!

I think that if you call and place an order for Forever Lazy, Clinton and Stacy from What Not To Wear should show up at your house for an intervention.

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