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Foreign Languages Learning Made Earlier as Mandated

By Tlb

‘Learning a foreign language could soon become compulsory for primary school pupils from the age of seven under government reforms.”



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According to the news, “the introduction of compulsory language teaching in primary schools is intended to reverse the dramatic decline in take up at GCSE. Pupils will need to be able to speak in sentences, with the appropriate pronunciation, and express simple ideas clearly in another language.


They will be expected to develop an understanding of the basic grammar of the language, and be acquainted with songs and poetry. Ministers say that teaching should focus on making “substantial progress” in one language.


Isn’t this a good idea for them to introduce earlier of the various foreign languages around the world? It’s great that the kids these days can have the easier opportunity to be introduced with other foreign languages compared to us adults, where we have to strive for the effort of enrolling to foreign languages schools just to gain the knowledge. They really are more fortunate these times, don’t you agree?


And as for those who will be learning the universal language, UK’s new curriculum also cover how it could be done. Not so related to English courses Miami, but for the basics, the new English curriculum will “say that by the end of year 4, children should be listening to and discussing a wide range of fiction and nonfiction. There is also greater stress on learning to read through phonics,” quoting what the new article detailed.


Your kids are indeed more fortunate to avail the language learning benefits that we don’t usually enjoy before. Why not let them enjoy such benefit? Besides, it’s our children who are going to benefit such knowledge on the first place, right?

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