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for the Love of Mom ..kid Art

By Kinderpendent
for the love of mom ..kid art
Here's a fun mom-day craft for the kiddos! All you need is some cardboard scraps, paint, and cute kids.
1. Cut out your letters: MOM (or whatever you call the special mom you want to celebrate!) from cardboard scraps.
2. Hand over the paint & brushes and let the kids get to work.
3. When dry, grab the camera & take some cute shots of the kids holding their letters. If you have one child, take separate pictures with the individual letters. The different shots put together will look really sweet, and of course, totally priceless.
4. You can print & frame the picture for mom's mother's day gift, or glue it onto the front of a card. (psst.. this is a great idea for the grandmas too!)
*what to do with the left overs? tape them up somewhere mom will see when she wakes up on mother's day!
for the love of mom ..kid art
for the love of mom ..kid art

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