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For Her.

By Zakialacey @zakialaceyblog
For her.
Being alone and pregnant is 1 of the hardest things that a woman could ever go through. It takes a very strong woman with a great support system to get through those 9 months alone. It was a sad day on twitter yesterday when I read that 1 of my favorite single mom followers lost her baby boy. She was full-term, actually a few days overdue when his heart stopped beating in her womb. I cannot imagine the pain that this woman is feeling. She went through her entire pregnancy alone when her child's father suggested that she have an abortion, and now she has to get through this. This story is so sad but what upsets me is the fact that people were on twitter saying very hurtful things about her. Why would anyone say anything negative about a woman who has just lost her newborn child?
Unfortunately she is not the only woman who has been through this. Last year I was following a girl on twitter that I went to high school with. I felt closer to her once I read her tweets and realized that she was alone and pregnant. She invited me to her baby shower; I was so excited to buy her baby a gift, but I was happier to see that her son's father was there. I prayed that he would make the right choice and be there for her and the baby. About a week later I got the news via twitter that her son passed away just 2 days before he was due. Shortly after that I read very hurtful and disrespectful tweets from her baby's father. He talked about this girl so bad blaming her for the death of their son. What saddened me more were the retweets and comments by women who seemed to think that the things he was saying were funny. There is nothing funny about hurting a woman's feelings that just lost her child! What is wrong with people? Why do women justify this terrible behavior? Do they not know that this exact same thing can happen to them or their daughters? 
This behavior is not okay. The girl who I know from school stayed so strong. She handled the situation better than I probably ever could have and I know my favorite twitter follower will do the same. We will never understand how these women feel, and no one will ever understand how it feels to be alone and pregnant until it happens to them. It can happen to anybody so please think before you speak and if you have nothing nice to say, then do the world a favor and be quiet.
To my twitter are in my prayers. You WILL make it through this.

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