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For Art Lovers in the US: Happy Thanksgiving!

By Abstractartbylt @artbylt

Thanks to all for reading my art blog--artists, collectors, art lovers and critics! 

Today will be the first Thanksgiving in 30 years that I haven't spent with my husband, Adrian, who died this past May.  But our son Owen is coming to spend the holiday weekend with me, and we'll also visit with daughter Blixy, her husband Gene, and grandkids Rachel and Michael.

I remember a Thanksgiving long ago that Adrian and I spent with Owen in the beautiful mountains of New Mexico when he was in college there.  We stayed in a cabin and all I had to cook on was a two-burner stove.  The only store was a tiny Mexican grocery.  I made us huevos rancheros and refried beans, which Adrian and I were very happy with.  But Owen missed the turkey, stuffing, and all the trimmings.  He'll get those this time!

I'll be back with more art projects tomorrow.


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