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For All You Crazies in Love…

By Writerinterrupted @writerinterrupt


This poem won the Worst Prozac Poem in Chip MacGregor’s Bad Poetry contest a few years back! Yes, quite an honor! Thought it “fitting” for Valentine’s Day!


Secret Admirer

My love for you is full and overflowing
Like my bladder after I can no longer hold it
Like I want to hold you…But you are not here
And I don’t blame you, well, yes I do.
I blame you for everything.
My depression, the medications, my therapist’s bill.

My Prozatic double vision wouldn’t be so bad if I saw two of you.
And the nightmares from hell might be bearable
if I woke up next to you.
And the drool on my pillow, shouldn’t be there.
It should be you, on my pillow, but you’re not.
You’re safe in your warm bed, snuggled next to your…dog
who’s on your pillow…drooling.

And you don’t care! You lie there like I don’t even exist.
Like I’m not knocking on the window of your heart.
I feel my soul emptying of life,
like my bladder right now on your lawn,
and that’s your fault too!

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