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Football Concussions

By Newsanchormom

They aren't typically caused by one hit. A new study shows concussions are the result of hit after hit. I don't if this will change anyone's opinion about the risk of concussions while playing sports like football, but I thought it was interesting. It seems like more fuel to the fire for people who believe any hit is dangerous. What do you think?
Football Concussions

Purdue University researchers have studied football players for two seasons at Jefferson High School in Lafayette, Ind., where 21 players completed the study the first season and 24 the second season, including 16 repeating players.

Helmet-sensor impact data from each player were compared with brain-imaging scans and cognitive tests performed before, during and after each season.

"The most important implication of the new findings is the suggestion that a concussion is not just the result of a single blow, but it's really the totality of blows that took place over the season," said Eric Nauman, an associate professor of mechanical engineering and an expert in central nervous system and musculoskeletal trauma. "The one hit that brought on the concussion is arguably the straw that broke the camel's back."

-NewsAnchorMom Jen

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