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Foodie - Thuisafgehaald Interview

By Unitherapy @UniTherapy
Hi! I'm a little excited today! This afternoon I'll be interviewed by a reporter of Het Nieuwsblad, no the best paper in Belgium, but many people read it. Anyway, for the last couple of months I have tried to use Thuisafgehaald, and get other Belgians to use it too. The idea of the website is that neighbors can come over to buy a part of your meal, as takeout. The idea originated in The Netherlands (of course) and due to some local and national media attention, it is really starting to lift off. So, for the second time (yes, I've been interviewed before, for the very local paper named De Beiaard). I would have scanned in the front page article (yeah, FRONT PAGE)!, but I gave the only copy to my parents. So, if I make it in the paper again, I'll be sure to upload it.
Wish me luck!

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