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Foodie Friday: Japanese Indulgence

By Eemusings @eemusings

Light and fresh are the two words I'd pick to sum up Japanese cuisine. While it took a day or so to adjust, the food definitely agreed with me. I grew up on a diet of rice, and to this date my stomach still does best with Asian food - I have trouble digesting heavier meals.

Also, impeccable? Someone on the Japanese food subreddit commented that while they'd encountered some food that wasn't up their alley, they'd never had a bad meal there - and I couldn't agree more.

Foodie Friday: Japanese indulgence
I'll never get tired of udon and tempura.

Foodie Friday: Japanese indulgence

You definitely wouldn't want to eat burnt ramen too often, but it's certainly something special.

Foodie Friday: Japanese indulgence

Stumbled across champon noodles, which turned out to be his new favourite dish.

Foodie Friday: Japanese indulgence

Sushi (say no more). Lean red tuna, get in my belly. The miso that came with this particular meal was mind blowing - the most complex and subtle I've ever had. Like with Vietnamese pho, I doubt we'll ever find that here at home.

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