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Food That Makes You Feel Good

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

Are you sick of eating food that doesn’t make you feel good? Well, so is most of the world. There’s no doubt that some people can live on a diet of McDonald’s and KFC, and feel no different. But, we’re pretty sure they feel no different because their bodies are used to it. And if you’re carrying around that sluggish feeling and you wouldn’t say you go to the extreme of eating take out for every single meal, then you definitely have a problem to sort. We feel like people don’t understand how much diet can influence everything else in life. If you have a nice clean diet and you drink plenty of water, you’re going to go around with a spring in your step. If you’re someone who spends their time eating processed trash all the time, it’s going to be hard to function for the day right from the minute you get out of bed in the morning. So, we’re going to show you some of the foods that we think are going to make you feel good. You need to be able to feel like you’re living your best life, eating good food, and being the best version of yourself. So keep on reading, and we’ll show you what you should be eating!

Food That Makes You Feel Good

High Protein, Low Fat 

If there’s any sort of diet rule that you need to try and follow, it would be the high protein and low bad fat/carb diet. A diet that’s high in bad fat is obviously going to make you feel weighed down and horrible. Fat is hard to process, and it then sits on our stomachs waiting for us to explode. The protein helps with muscle growth, hair and nail growth, and it helps to repair your body if you’ve had an injury. You will be far more lean if you can eat a diet like this, as well! Fish and meat are an excellent source of protein. These frozen shrimp recipes might be something you’ll like. They’re super low in fat, are a great source of protein, and since the shrimp is frozen you can keep it for much longer. Red meat, such as steaks, are also a great source (in moderation). They’re high in protein, and if you are a red meat eater, you’ll know how nice steaks are. 

A sweet Treat For Balance

The problem that many people have is trying to find the balance. Eating too much of one thing and not enough of another is going to tip the scales and make you have a hard diet to follow. So to stay on track and to actually make yourself feel good, you need a sweet treat a day for balance purposes. Perhaps a slice of chocolate cake, or something tasty from the bakery. There’s no need to feel guilt when you’re doing this because as long as you have eaten well for the rest of the day, you’re keeping the balance scales even. It’s when you’re digging into sweet treats more than once a day that you’ll have problems. 

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