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Food for Thought: Who Are You Impressing?

By Wardrobeoxygen @wardrobe_oxygen
Food for Thought: Who Are You Impressing? You shouldn’t be dressing to impress others. Yes, I discuss dress codes and what is appropriate for different situations, but that is to show respect for others, for an event or a situation. Consider it sartorial etiquette. But you shouldn’t dress in a manner to try to impress others.
You should dress to impress yourself.
Dress to define yourself, celebrate yourself, respect yourself. Push your personal style further, as you would push yourself at your job. You go that extra mile at work for a promotion or raise, try pushing your style boundaries a bit to better define and understand yourself. An artist pushes herself, trying new techniques or media; fashion and personal style are also forms of art.
And realize that you, and your personal style will change over time. The other evening I was thinking about how a home changes with the time and the family inside it. Wallpaper borders make way for vinyl decals, curtains to the end of the window sill are replaced with ones puddling on the floor. However the bones usually stay the same – the same dining table, the same bedroom furniture set. Your personal style may change with the times and your lifestyle but that doesn’t mean you need to replace all your wardrobe staples. Keep impressing yourself, listening to yourself, observing yourself and let your fashion follow suit. Dress to impress the most important person – you!
Photo by Richard Avedon
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